Let's Get Digital 2 Problems Fixed, New Kindles Launched & More Publishing Resources

voyageI’ve info below on six new Kindle devices which launched today below, but first some welcome news:

Amazon seems to have fixed things at its end. Those who purchased the old version of Let’s Get Digital should be able to now download the new version with a few clicks via Manage My Content & Devices (formerly Manage My Kindle) in their Amazon account.

Note: none of these problems affected new purchasers.

More detailed instructions below, but for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I decided to upload the new expanded and updated second edition of Let’s Get Digital directly over the old version.

I explain the reasoning here, but the general idea was to thank the readers who supported me over the last three years by recommending this book (in huge numbers) to their fellow writers.

Digital2Some launch snafus meant the update wasn’t immediately available to download for purchasers of the old version, and when people tried, they got the old edition with the new cover. Ack!

It could have been a very stressful situation, but it wasn’t as bad as it might have been. Not least because everyone was so cool about it and help get word of the solution to those who needed it (and thank you for that. Really. It made things so much easier on this end).

However, that should all be fixed now. If you don’t know how to download updates, here’s the process:

1. Go to Manage My Content & Devices (formerly Manage My Kindle) in your Amazon account.

2. Search for “Digital” in the box on the right-hand side.

3. To the left of the book title, click the button.

4. Click “Deliver.” Select your device. Click “Deliver” again.

5. Once your device synchs, you should have the new update and see the book at the top of your TBR.

If this isn’t working for anyone, please let me know in the comments.

visibleLARGEFor those who didn’t purchase the old edition but would like to check out the new one, you can do that at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords (and all the other Amazons too).

And if you missed yesterday’s post, I’m also running a 99c sale (save $4!) on the companion book Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More Books. You can also grab that one at Amazon, Amazon UK, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

* * *

As I mentioned up top, Amazon launched six new devices this morning, which are all available for pre-order.

Dedicated e-readers

The new entry-level Kindle e-reader is now touchscreen and just $79 (with Special Offers, $99 without). It boasts 20% quicker page-turns, 4GB memory, deeper Goodreads integration, and weighs just 6.7 ounces (190g). You can pre-order from today, ahead of the October 2 launch.

The brand new model launching today is the Kindle Voyage, available for $199 (with Special Offers, $219 without). It’s the thinnest Kindle so far – just 7.6mm wide – and looks to be a step forward on the Paperwhite in other areas too: twice as many pixels in the hi-res display (300 ppi), reduced screen glare, adaptive front light, easier page turns (which sounds like it will make one-handed reading a little easier), and weighs just 6.3 ounces (180g). You can also pre-order that today ahead of a October 21 launch.

New Kindle Fires

The new entry-level Fire HD6 costs just $99 with Special Offers ($114 without) for the 8GB model, and $119 for the 16GB model ($134 without Special Offers), and comes in five different colors. I’m not a Fire user, but it sounds like the processor is faster, the display will be crisper, and it will be easier to edit Word docs etc. There’s a new OS too. This model has a 6″ HD display. Launches October 2.

For a 7″ display, the new Fire HD7 starts at $139, and will be released October 2.

And if you are shopping at the top-end, the new Fire HDX has a 8.9″ display, and a lot more whizz-bangery for the $379 starting price. The hi-spec model is not out until October 21.

firehdkidsFinally, for those of you with kids – particularly the kind that like to drop things! – Amazon now has a specially designed model with a kid-proof case.

Available for $149, it also includes a subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. Amazon must be pretty confident about how robust this device is, because they are throwing in a 2-year guarantee, saying “if they break it, we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked.” Heh. I know at least a couple of kids who would like to test the limits of Amazon’s largesse.

Again, this won’t ship until October 21, but you can pre-order now.

* * *

Before I go, some links.

I’m interviewed on Joanna Penn’s (excellent) blog today, discussing what has changed over the last few years for self-publishers. I think authors starting today sometimes feel they have missed the boat. Well, I have some good news.

I’ll also be on the Rocking Self-Publishing podcast later this evening. I’ll update this post (and comment below) with a direct link when it goes live. I recorded this with Simon Whistler on Tuesday, live in his apartment! We might have had a beer or two…

Finally, Joe Konrath has completely eviscerated the latest rubbish from Entitled Authors United. Read that here. I’d be pretty embarrassed right now if I had co-signed that stupid letter.

36 Replies to “Let's Get Digital 2 Problems Fixed, New Kindles Launched & More”

  1. Just FYI: I haven’t actually seen any of the new devices yet, but if you want a review from someone who has, here’s Mashable on the Kindle Voyage (with some vids too): http://mashable.com/2014/09/17/amazon-kindle-voyage-ereader/

    It’s a pretty fawning review to be honest. Nate Hoffhelder (who hasn’t got his hands on it yet, I don’t think) at The Digital Reader is a lot more skeptical and doesn’t see a huge amount worth upgrading for, considering the $199 price-tag: http://the-digital-reader.com/2014/09/17/amazon-launches-kindle-voyage-will-charge-arm-leg/

    That’s probably my assessment too, based on initial impressions. I’m still rocking the basic Kindle 4 (from Christmas 2011) but I’d be tempted to upgrade to the new $79 Touch. It’s almost as light as the Voyage.

  2. Tried to corrected upgrade for Digital 2 and looks like I got the new edition no problem 🙂

    Hey that kid’s Fire edition is a great idea! I can think of quite a few adults who can use a cover like that (me and lots of my senior buddies for one!) lol! I love it!

    Thanks David 🙂

  3. I know you probably won’t remember me David, we met at WW festival 2012, just to say this book has helped me immensely in my quest to become a published writer, not only good solid advice but exellent contacts, Knowing and going to the right people is a big plus for me. Thanks. Chris Lakin (wheelchair)

  4. Good luck for the ongoing launch, David!

    I’ve got a basic Kindle from 2012. I was holding off on upgrading after not being terribly impressed with the screen sharpness and refresh rate of the recent Paperwhite. This looks like they’ve made massive improvements, so I may just have to grab myself the new Voyage when it ships. As usual though, it’s 50% more expensive in the UK. Cheers Jeff.

    1. It’s a combo of no Special Offers in the UK (which adds $20+ to the price) and then VAT on top of that too. E-readers really should be zero-rated, along with e-books, but there you go.

  5. I just went on Amazon, and started following your directions, but after searching for “digital”, there was an “Update Available” button to the right of the book. Clicking that gave me a warning that the update is a new version, and I’ll lose my bookmarks, notes, and latest position read data. Clicking “Ok” delivered the updated version. Even easier than your directions 8^).

    Thanks for the updated version. Looking forward to diving into it.

  6. well ..to have some good or bad opinion i have to read just one book (YOURS)
    i am not expert but use my logic i will try to have very fair opinion .
    now .AMAZON .is digital big very big company in world
    in capitalisme FREE MARKET they have right to use the company for benefit’s (by AMAZON ) INCOME like e- BAY like ALIBABA or many small others digital .
    we live in timing full use (how much we can to get it ) and i have to say you …this is not bad ( because for survive ) but in same time is bad too because use (ekmetalevete ) hard work to others
    i am conservative i don’t use digital for bay nothing even your book
    i have a Q in storebook how you pay for sell your book?
    in AMAZON how you pay and how you get it for you book ?+( anagnorissy) is biger ..
    your book like milion of others is not top secret is one ordinary book (now every one write book )
    Q if you was in Amazon company (boss) like MR Bezzos is you will do different ? competitive ?
    every one have right but noone have right too
    music – too have many of them out there selling or 2-3 $
    we have to accept or not accept the system
    if you don’t like your book sell in AMAZON you can (apposirete ) noone can stop about what you wanted for your hard job do .
    personaly i like how Amazon work (we have to accept he work very smart in general)
    i am sorry for your feeling ( unfair) .
    people with big and hard work feeling they have place in super profit to the company (like AMAZON).. MAYBE ..BUT WHO CARE’S
    just Amazon make good job ..
    i am contrary to capitalisme ..because we have loss our personalty because people like MR Bezzos or many of them there are not smarter then us ..they take advantegas for use our mind and work hard ..
    you have to make calculation
    your profit or your brand ?
    or both find way to have both ..
    now for my self i have write book for my self and i don’t send for type ..( i will not send )
    no were ..i am not writer
    thank you for sharing your article with me
    even you are arrogant
    capitalisme accept that too

  7. Seriously appreciate your stuff! Thanks for sharing all this info with us. Thought you’d enjoy knowing you’re my go-to guy for self-publishing news and ideas. Joanna Penn is my go-to gal. Haven’t been able to get into your fiction (I’ve tried), but your non-fiction ROCKS! I have both Let’s Get Digital, 2nd ed., and Let’s Get Visible. I’m reading both at the moment. Thanks again.

  8. I purchased the paper copy of Let’s Get Digital. I think you said in an earlier email that those of us who purchased hard copy would also be able to download the new edition.
    If so, I’m not able to follow your simple steps… Boo hoo. Help for the digitally challenged?
    Or maybe I misunderstood your earlier post?

  9. If you use iTunes: delete the old book in your Mac iTunes, putting it in the trash. Go to the Apple Store, search for the book, click the updated version to download. It downloads the new version without any problem.

  10. Hi David,

    Just found out that the 2nd edition of your great LGD is out, but I can’t seem to get the free update. I purchased the kindle edition from the UK store, but am currently in canada, and no matter what I try, it won’t work. Can you assist?



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