Blog Anniversary & Competition Winners

To celebrate the one month anniversary of this blog, I’m taking a day off today. I have a friend visiting from Ireland and I promised to take him to see some baby wolves. And maybe go to the pub.

It’s been a great month, over 4,200 views, hitting over 200 a day regularly now (and sometimes lots more). I have posted over 30,000 words, but what has been really gratifying has been the amount of comments – almost 500 now – with great discussions going on every post.

For those that are new to the blog, there has been a lot of good stuff over the last month. We have covered a lot of the changes in the publishing industry, posted a guide to making money from writing, are part-way through a step-by-step guide to self-publishing, and have even had time for the odd haiku.

On top of all that, I released my first e-book, hit the bestseller charts, and wrote a brand new story, which should be released within the next two weeks.

Yesterday I held my first giveaway, and it was a huge amount of fun. People were tweeting, retweeting, posting on Facebook, blogging about it, and some people got very creative. One reader wrote me an open letter on her blog, simply insisting on a copy of the book.

Note to readers: I have a soft spot for a well-written letter.

Tom B. also gets extra points for a creative photograph of him enjoying my book, and that’s all I am going to say about that.

So the winners are (drum roll):

Emmett S. and Ali C. on Facebook; antlangston, enjoymalahide, and munichkev from Twitter; Chrissy M., Nancy B., Gabriella, Asia, and Vicky M from the blog comments; Jeanne M., Jeffrey Z., Brian M., Laura D. and Paul S. by email; Guardian and SierraMc from Nathan Bransford’s forum.

I have a few more people to track down whose names came out of the hat, but special spot prizes for extreme creativity and efforts above and beyond the call of duty go to Nessa for her letter, Tom B. for the photo, and Sommer for her blog post.

Those who have email addresses for should have received your e-book already. The rest I will track down in the next few days. If you don’t receive your book by Tuesday, let me know.

Thank you to everyone who entered. For the winners, if you enjoy the book, I would really appreciate a review on Amazon. Sales have been great, but I only have three reviews so far.

If you didn’t win this time, I will be hosting another competition very soon. You can also buy the book here.

This was a lot of fun. Thanks guys!

David Gaughran

Born in Ireland, he now lives in a little fishing village in Portugal, although this hasn’t increased the time spent outside. He writes novels under another name, has helped thousands of authors build a readership with his books, blogs, workshops, and courses, and has created marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet. Friend to all dogs.

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  1. Happy Blogiversary!

    I’m new to your blog, having found it through Joe Konrath’s blog, but boy have I learned a lot! Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge and may heaps of monetary success be piled upon your head. (Not literally, of course. That would hurt.)

    1. Shea,

      As an Irishman, I have a particularly durable and robust head that can withstand all manner of weights. And, if I get any in the matter, my fortune will consist of gold doubloons, pearls, and ostentatious emeralds, thank you for asking.


  2. Hey, nice work on the competition David! A few posts ago you mentioned that you’re running through your planned articles faster than planned. Well there’s one thing in particular I’m really interested to know about your experiment so far: how ‘If You Go Into The Woods Today’ is doing! You could do a really interesting and useful breakdown on what your sales have told you about the volumes you need to sell to reach various landmarks, eg. spot in the top 100 short stories etc, how sustained this needs to be to retain the spot etc. I’d also love to read about how your social media drives worked (like, what you did and where, in addition to this competition) and if you could see that as a direct result in your sales and/or Amazon rank. I think this info, if you’re prepared to share it, would be some of the most informative stuff you’ve given us as I haven’t seen anyone else write about this aspect. Anyway, just a thought. Carry on!

    1. Hi Tony,

      That’s a great idea. I had planned to do something along those lines, but you have given me a couple of extra ideas. It will have to wait a little while though, the book has only been officially on sale for four days – it would be nice to do it after a month so I can really see what works and what doesn’t. Already I can see the effect of some stuff, but other less tangible stuff takes longer to measure. I’m still exploring the full possibilities with Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook, so I am not really in a position yet to say what works best. You can do some interesting stuff, for sure, which is far less tedious than other forms of promotion (for both reader and writer), and I don’t know about you, but I always seem to respond better to something unusual or unorthodox – if it’s done right.

      I know for sure I got some sales and reviews out of it. I’ll spill all the beans on exact figures after a month, but let’s just say I am 25% towards my target which I thought could take three to six months. Maybe it still will. We’ll see! I certainly never expected to crack the Kindle Top 40 Short Stories (and the be just outside the top 5000 overall) on my first full day. That blew me away.


      1. I can’t wait! I’m about to do my own launch you see, having weighed all the options and gone with eBook self pubb’ing on Amazon. Info of this kind (facts n figures rather than discourse on trends etc) is really hard to come by. Probably because few people like to discuss their finances. It’s a shame, because this information is the pivotal point when it comes to self pubb’ing: will I make any money? And although it’s completely different for every individual, there’s nothing like a success story to make people think ‘I can do that!’

  3. Man, I’m a winner? This calls for another creative photo.

    Aspiring authors are the real winners here, though.



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