Thank you to everyone who came to one of my talks at #FOW19. I promised to put up some resources here for you all but warning: this page is temporary. I’ll probably pull it down in about a month, so make sure to download what you need, bookmark the respective links and so on. The slides for my marketing talk on Saturday are here, as promised, but I can’t put up slides for my other two talks because of… Reasons. Some suggested resources will serve you better anyway.

Most resources are free, a handful are paid. As with anything from learning the ukulele to mastering the lost art of seduction, you can probably find all the information in the world somewhere on the internet, but a book is usually a handy shortcut to the good stuff. Choose your poison.

Self-Publish Like A Pro

Those who were at my Friday mini-course should have a copy of Let’s Get Digital in their inboxes already. Email me if you don’t and I’ll fire a minion.

For anyone else who wants a big, fat guide on every aspect of publishing your books and finding your first readers (and quite a lot on the business of publishing generally), then check out Let’s Get Digital. That book also has a ton of resources and recommended providers in the back: editors, cover designers, formatters, and so on.

There are also hundreds of (free) blog posts on this site covering every aspect of writing, publishing, marketing etc. here. They are broken down into six handy categories on the right-hand side so you can focus on what you need.

Secrets of Successful Self-Publishers

Some links for those at my Saturday talk above:

BookBub – the biggest discount site out there. Sign up as a reader if you haven’t already and you’ll see why it has 10 million subscribers.

Nicholas Erik’s Promo List – this doesn’t just pick out the most effective discount sites to advertise on, it also tiers them by effectiveness and is kept up to date. Start with the ones at the top. And use these sites before getting into the more serious types of advertising.

How To Sell Books in 2019 – (blog post) a guide to everything that’s working today. Some of this stuff will be too advanced for you, but there are some resources at the bottom you will find useful.

How To Sell Books in 2018 – (blog post) a different approach to the same topic – also worth reading IMO.

My email list – I send out a (free) email every Friday on the topic of marketing. You also get a free copy of Amazon Decoded for signing up which makes it a no-brainer. OH I ALMOST FORGOT. You also get access to my Email Archive, broken down into topics. You can read various email series you missed like “Darn Books Won’t Sell Themselves” – which will be particularly relevant to you guys I think, along with “Starting Fresh,” especially the bits on my old friend Norman Newbie.

Platform Building & Related Terrors

Can’t share these slides, sorry. But I can share some posts/emails I’ve written on the topic, and an amazing book someone else wrote on email. It changed my whole approach to it.

Mailerlite – is without a doubt the recommended email service for most of you. If you have particular needs with regard to automations or giant lists or whatever, my answer might change slightly, but Mailerlist is a solid choice for most. You can read why I ditched Mailchimp here, if you are curious.

Content Marketing for Authors (email) – good intro to the topic with some links to the things I mentioned in my talk.

Content Marketing for Authors 2 (email) – and then this one will drill down on the types of content you should be sharing with your readers (and what you shouldn’t).

Using Facebook for Content Marketing (email) – Putting those principles into practice via Facebook.

How To Make a Pretty Facebook Page – please make yours pretty or you’ll have me to answer to!

Newsletter Ninja – the best book on email for authors. Buy it. Live it.

Tally ho

That’s it, I’ll add more stuff if I think of it. Not exactly operating at 100% efficiency here but email me if there are any obvious omissions.