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IRCpromobadge1There’s a free, online self-publishing conference taking place next week.

It’s the second year of IndieReCon, and they have an action-packed schedule filled with all sorts of great stuff – a mixture of posts, vlogs, webinars, as well as the opportunity to drill deeper into the various topics with a series of online and Twitter chats.

The fun kicks off next Tuesday, Feb 25 at 10:00 (EST) and runs until Thursday, Feb 27 at 22:00 (EST).

I have all the details below from one of the co-founders, SR (Shelli) Johannes, which I’m happy to share. Be sure to drop in, there’s some cool stuff planned, and it’s all FREE (make sure to register to gain access).

Here’s Shelli with more:

* * *

In one week, IndieReCon will return to the web and we’d love to have you join us!

Last year with over 10,000 visitors, IndieReCon was awesome with chats and giveaways and days of helpful and pertinent information.

This year will be even bigger and better!

To kick us off, our keynote speakers, Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath, will host a 2-hour chat to talk about The Evolving Indie Industry and Standing out in the Pile and then entertain your questions.

You’ll also discover insider secrets from representatives from Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and Goodreads, and learn how to write fast, try your hand at serials, work with other authors to maximize your marketing efforts and much, much more.

We have contests and tons of giveaways including two KOBO eReaders!

Not to mention, it’s a great place to network, connect and have a lot of fun. Click here for the 15 Reasons Why You Should Register.

Our other special speakers include:
Rachel Aaron
Micahel Alvear
Angela Akerman
Peter Bowerman (The Well-Fed Writer)
Margaret Brown (Shelf Unbound)
Patrick Brown (Goodreads)
Chelsea Cameron
Ali Cross
Lori Culwell
Amy Edelman (IndieReader)
David Gaughran
Chelsea Fine
Joel Friedlander (The Book Designer)
The Indelibles
SR Johannes
C.S. Lakin
Martha Carr
Jim Kukral (Author Marketing Club)
Bob Mayer
Joanna Penn
Sean Platt
Susan Kaye Quinn
Orna Ross (ALLI founder)
Miral Sattar (BiblioCrunch)
KP Simmon (InkSlinger PR)
Johnny Truant
Alicia Vancil
David Vandagriff (The Passive Guy)
David Wright
Rachel Workman

We’d like to thank our sponsors:
Alliance of Independent Authors
Shelf Unbound
The Author Marketing Club
The Indelibles

You can now view our schedule, our speaker bios, and our awesome sponsors.

See you at IndieReCon Feb 25-27! #indierecon

David Gaughran

Born in Ireland, he now lives in a little fishing village in Portugal, although this hasn’t increased the time he spends outside. He writes fiction under another name, has helped thousands of authors build a readership, and has created marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet. Friend to all dogs.

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  1. I registered over a month ago, but I didn’t get a confirmation and since then no reminder that the conference was happening. I followed your link and signed up again, but it said that I was already registered. Strange.

  2. Reblogged this on Wo3lfMad and commented:
    I missed this one last year. It won’t happen this year. There are some well known authors attending the conference and speaking about the craft and the business of writing. I’m specifically looking forward to hearing more about writing serials and writing fast (I think they go hand in hand), and Barry Eisler’s and Joe Konrath’s take on how to stand out in the pile.

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