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Let’s Get Digital is free on Amazon. If you haven’t already grabbed a copy, now would be a good time. It will likely only be free for a few days, and this might well be the only free run this book goes on, so don’t miss out.

If you prefer paper-based thrills, the print edition is now available from Amazon (print formatting again by the wonderful Heather Adkins).

It should appear very shortly on The Book Depository and Barnes & Noble, as well as in some physical bookstores.

Let’s Get Digital is only free on Amazon US, but I don’t want anyone to miss out. If you own a device other than a Kindle, download a copy from Amazon anyway, then email me at david dot gaughran at gmail dot com and I will send you an EPUB version that will work on your device. If you use one of the Euro Kindle Stores (where the book isn’t free), just email me and I’ll send you a Kindle copy.

I recently moved to London and I’m still without an internet connection. Don’t panic if there is a slight delay in my response to your email. I’ll get to it eventually and you will get your copy.

Why is this book free?

Let’s Get Digital has been my most consistent seller (although A Storm Hits Valparaiso recently overtook it in 2012 sales), so why did I make it free?

Every so often, Let’s Get Digital makes a run at the charts. However, since the advent of KDP Select, it’s much harder to get the book to stick. Even when it was #2 in its category, it only reached around #65 on the Popularity List – pushed down by all the books that had been on a free run (explained here).

I needed a free run to even things up a little. However, I was wary of a reliable seller getting stuck on free, costing me a big driver of revenue. So here’s what I did.

I opted out of all channels on Smashwords except for Apple (who tend to be the nippiest in reflecting price changes at Smashwords). Then I dropped the price to free on Smashwords on a Wednesday (they push new prices out to Apple on Thursdays).

As soon as it went free at Apple (which was a couple of days later), I got a couple of people to report the free “price” to Amazon. It took a couple of weeks, but Amazon finally made it free at some point last night.

This morning I woke to see that it was free, had been picked up by the good people at Pixel of Ink, and had already amassed over 4,000 downloads, bumping it up to #70 in the Free Best Seller List.

I immediately turned it back to paid on Smashwords and opted back in to all the partner sites. If all goes to plan, it should go back to paid on Apple by Saturday, and then I can begin plaguing KDP to do the same. Hopefully they won’t drag their feet to much, and I will see a little bump on my return to the paid side.

If that happens, it’s a bonus, but the real point of this is to even some of that disparity in the Popularity List. And it’s never a bad thing to have thousands of people download your book, even if it is for free.

I have to keep this blog post short; internet cafes are hardly ideal for blogging! I should have a more regular connection in a few days, and normal service will resume once I clear my inbox (which is looking quite frightening at the moment).

If any of you would like to help get the word out about the free version of Let’s Get Digital, here’s a sample tweet:

Top rated self-publishing guide Let’s Get Digital is #free on Amazon: http://amzn.to/y0Qe5S

Thanks in advance! Now, I need to go find somewhere to live…

David Gaughran

Born in Ireland, he now lives in a little fishing village in Portugal, although this hasn’t increased the time he spends outside. He writes fiction under another name, has helped thousands of authors build a readership, and has created marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet. Friend to all dogs.

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  1. Hey David! I picked up a copy. Always looking to learn about this business. Also Tweeted it, Facebooked it, liked it and did everything else I could do to it without getting arrested by the digital police…

  2. Hi David,
    I bought my copy of LGD a couple of weeks after you first released it, and must say it’s been well worth the money, particularly the advice on soliciting reviews. I’ve garnered +100 reviews each on both Amazon and B&N, largely on the strength of that advice, so your book is highly recommended. Like you, for various reasons I’ve avoided KDP Select and lusted after the ‘bump’ from scheduled ‘freebies.’ I have been contemplating a ‘price matching’ strategy very similar to the one you’ve outlined, so please keep us posted on your results.

    BTW, there is a very interesting post over on Russell Blake’s blog in which he posits that the ‘freebie’ promotion model may be running out of steam. Comments from other self-pubbed authors there are also food for thought. The link is –> http://russellblake.com/great-until-it-isnt/

    Hope you solve your homeless issue soon.



  3. Downloaded my copy. I’m about to tweet out but thought you’d like to see the current U.S. stats: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #48 Free in Kindle Store #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Reference > Publishing & Books > Authorship

  4. Thanks, David:

    I had to quickly change my Kindle country location to the US (from Switzerland) but painless and had it within 1 minute. Appreciate this and will read it very soon.

  5. Picked it up on Amazon and Tweeted it (and by default, FB’d it, since my Tweets all go to FB).

  6. How’s London David?
    Tweeted the freebie news to my small but loyal band of followers.

  7. I’ve always had good luck with Flatland in Gloucester Road. They’re at #125. Turn right out of the Gloucester Road tube station and I think they’re a block and a half away on the left. I’ll be spreading the word about the free.

  8. Clicking the link “the print edition is now available from Createspace”, which points to https://www.createspace.com/3853741 , returns a CreateSpace login page with a password field and the message:

    “Password Protection
    This title is intended for a specific audience and requires a password to view.”

    Is this intentional? I’m accessing the page from Italy.

  9. Hi David:

    It’s my birthday today and I just downloaded my free copy of LET’S GET DIGITAL … so thank you for a lovely birthday gift!

    I love your blog, and I do hope you get settled and find great success in London. It’s where I was born and grew up, but I’ve lived in the US for many years, yet still consider England to be home.


  10. Thank you, David! If I could have afforded it I wouldn’t have “bought” it for free.:( Very kind of you and I look forward to reading it. I’ve also subscribed to your newsletter. Best, Eileen in Oregon.

  11. Thank you, David! I read your excellent book in September when I was just starting to learn the ropes of all this and will be re-reading it again. I posted the link on my fb page–I think, I hope I did. Oh, so many ropes to learn!

  12. Hi Dave: Tweeted and mentioned it on FB — thanks for making this great book free! I already own it, and I think I’ll go back and read it again. I’ve learned so much since then!

  13. Hello, David,

    I’m going down the self-pub path myself the past 6 weeks. Got my ISBNs, dba, and Lightning Source account. Now cranking out my book(s).

    Just happened to download the Kindle app for my PC a few days ago and discovered LGD Free. Naturally, I downloaded it thinking it would be a good addition to my self-pub library. WOW! Talk about serendipitous discovery. It’s terrific — chock full of good advice, examples, and a tremendous “how to” for those who want to self publish. It, along with “The Wealthy Author” by Joe Gregory and Debbie Jenkins, are absolutely the two best self-pub guides I’ve discovered. Better than the raft of titles from Dan Poynter (which I also have a few of).

    Thank you so much for writing LGD. Your strategy of making it free for a short period certainly worked with me. I doubt I would have downloaded it if it hadn’t been a freebie, and I would have missed this ab-fab e-book, your blog (already signed up for), and you..

  14. Thanks David for your genorsity! I can’t wait to rip through this and take advantage of the opportunity you’ve offered us all.

  15. More good ideas on Indie Publishing in one easy to read (well, it’s a bit small on my iPhone—though always handy) eBook. Thanks for sharing so much helpful info David.

    There’s a new self-publishing guru in town and his name is Gaughran, David Gaughran.

  16. Would love a copy here in Europe. Meanwhile, to your excellent post on Scott Turow, have you noticed this story? http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/
    Please note carefully the President of the AAR signing the letter is the longtime literary agent for Turow, president of the Author’s Guild.
    Talk about cozy meetings in Manhattan restaurants! The Big 6 have nothing on Scott and Gail, two careers inextricably linked and both persons in charge of major organizations “representing the rest of us.”

  17. Hi David,

    Just finished LET’S GET DIGITAL. Very well written and full of great advice. Highly recommended.

  18. Just finished the book, David. Thanks so much for all the HUGE amount of information. Wow. This will be a big help. I’m going to post some links and review to it soon.

    Meanwhile, to help the linguist in me, how is your last name pronounced? When my wife and I are talking about the book, I’d like to get it right!


    1. Hey Bill, the name seems to flummox most. It’s pronounced Gock-ran. The strange spelling is probably down to the fact that it’s an anglicized version of Daithi Mac Eachrain (my name in Irish).

      1. Thanks! Now we can be no longer flummoxed. Sort of a voiced velar (g vs. k/ch) version of Cochran, maybe. Gotcha. I certainly would never have guessed that. Anyway, I was actually in the middle of writing a blog post about the book when your comment arrived. Reviews will come soon, but later. This is a crazy busy week for our translation project and our internet only works when normal people SHOULD be in bed asleep. Things will lighten up mid-week.

        Thanks again. I feel guilty getting such a helpful book for free, you scoundrel, so I will probably BUY a copy one of these days to assuage my conscience.

        Enjoying the sample of A Storm Hits Valparaiso, in the meantime.

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