Nothing To Do With The Champions League Final

There will be no posting this weekend. I am a little behind schedule in cleaning up Let’s Get Digital, Digital, and I would like to catch up. Blogging will resume Monday.

I hope you don’t mind, it means you will get your free e-book quicker.

I refuse to comment on suggestions that this has anything to do with the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona this evening, and the related drinking binge that will accompany our inevitable victory, or any betting relating to the outcome of said result.

If you want something to read, you can find out what scares me, and you can try this wonderful story by Ian Watson on working with Stanley Kubrick.

David Gaughran

Born in Ireland, he now lives in a little fishing village in Portugal, although this hasn’t increased the time spent outside. He writes novels under another name, has helped thousands of authors build a readership with his books, blogs, workshops, and courses, and has created marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet. Friend to all dogs.

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