Major US Agency Moves Into Publishing. Or Do They?

It seems like the big news stories are coming every day now. That’s what happens when you combine the disruptive power of the internet with a revolutionary change like digital self-publishing. In an announcement that is sure to cause some surprise, Dystel & Goderich – agents for Barack Obama, Judge Judy, John Locke, Joy Bauer, David Morell, and Richard Dreyfuss – have announced a move into publishing. Or have they? I have made my feelings about agents moving into publishing quite clear on a number of occasions, and have always attempted to highlight the egregious practices that are becoming more common. However, before we grab the pitchforks and march on 5th Avenue, I’m going to ask for a moment to Read More…

Why I Decided To Self-Publish

I’ve been scribbling something or other since I could first hold a pen, but I have been writing seriously for about five years. It all started with a trip to South America where I heard a story from the Independence Wars that hooked me. I started researching the background to it – just curious – and before I knew it, I was writing a historical novel. It was a monster and took me over three years to write, but it gave me an excuse to go back to South America for another nine months. When I was finally done, I started querying agents.

Double agents?

In our mad dash around the new publishing landscape, there’s one group we have only mentioned in passing: agents. Nothing in the publishing world inspires more diverse reactions than the mention of agents. For some, agents are the holy grail, the star-makers, the gatekeepers to the dream factory. Others are less kind, and I won’t repeat their opinions, but suffice to say they view agents as amoral Svengalis who, like recruitment agents, have created a need for their services where before there was none, and are an additional, superfluous barrier between writers and publishers (and readers). The truth is somewhere in the middle, and agents, like any profession, run the full gamut of experience, ability, and propriety. There are some Read More…

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

There are lots of blogs out there on the publishing business, and writing in general, but I thought there was room for one on indie publishing from the perspective of an international writer. First, a little about me. I am a 33-year-old Irish writer, living in Stockholm.  Notice I said writer, not author. My mother always said I was a writer, authors get paid. I got paid $100 last year. She said I need to be making more than that. And you know what? She’s right.