Was Self-Publishing The Right Decision? Publishing Writing

Sunday will mark a year since I first uploaded to Amazon. At the time, I was wrestling with a question that many writers are still dealing with today: should I self-publish? The argument about whether to self-publish has been debated in great detail both here and elsewhere. I don’t want to add to that general discussion today, rather I want to offer up my personal experience of self-publishing. Given that this is an anniversary of sorts, I would like to look back over the last twelve months and examine the results of that decision, and compare it with what would likely have happened had I decided otherwise. Regular readers will know that I broke my own impasse by deciding to Read More…

Blog Anniversary & Competition Winners

To celebrate the one month anniversary of this blog, I’m taking a day off today. I have a friend visiting from Ireland and I promised to take him to see some baby wolves. And maybe go to the pub. It’s been a great month, over 4,200 views, hitting over 200 a day regularly now (and sometimes lots more). I have posted over 30,000 words, but what has been really gratifying has been the amount of comments – almost 500 now – with great discussions going on every post.