Some Other Stuff You Should Be Reading

Today’s is a short post as I have urgent work on a new release to complete. It’s the Golden Rule: writing always comes first, remember? I’ll make it up with a monster post on marketing and social media later in the week, the next step in my INDIE PUBLISHING FOR INTERNATIONAL WRITERS series. I just want to put you on to some interesting stuff going on that you might have missed.

Market Your Story Part 1 Websites & Blogs

This is the fifth post in my continuing series INDIE PUBLISHING FOR INTERNATIONAL WRITERS, a step-by-step guide to getting your stories into (digital) print. I’ll be doing each step with you, learning as you do, because I’ve never done this before either. Step 5: Market Your Story Part 1, Websites & Blogs So you have written your story, added your cover design, had your work edited, gone through the pain of formatting for the first time, and now everything is uploaded and available on all the various sales channels. Only problem is, nobody’s buying it. Don’t worry, you haven’t told anybody about it yet. And, it takes time to build an audience. Even the runaway success stories took around six months to Read More…