How To Win Sales And Influence Algorithms Amazon Marketing Publishing

I’m hosting a discussion today between two authors who are using creative ways to share audiences, something which has the happy side-effect of increasing their respective sales. As I said on Thursday, I think creative forms of collaboration – especially in terms of marketing strategies – are going to be big this year. Traditionally published authors may have to compete with each other ways that may not be relevant/important to self-publishers – like agents, deals, grants, prizes, or co-op. But self-publishers have nothing to fear from cooperating with authors they are nominally competing with, and everything to gain. The market is so large that no writer will ever reach all the readers out there, and the odds of getting noticed can improve greatly with the right kind Read More…

Greetings from Prague! Writing

There’s news of a monster sale and competition at the bottom of this post, but, first of all: I’m still alive! Apologies for the prolonged radio silence, but finding an apartment in Prague proved trickier than expected. We thought we had a place twice before, only for the deal to collapse – either from the terms changing at the last moment, or other related shadiness. But we have a place now and that’s the main thing. Internet connection should be hooked up this week, and then I can re-commence taking over the world. While the apartment search was frustrating, all that pounding the pavement was great for getting to know the city. And what a city! Aside from being so bloody beautiful, Read More…

8 Award-Winning Books for $8 + win a $50 Amazon Gift Card Publishing

Note: the sale is over and the comp is now closed. As the headline might suggest, this is a promo/competition post. If you are looking for alternative content to feed your cerebrum, I humbly suggest this phenomenal Wired interview with Ursula K. Le Guin – Still Battling The Powers That Be. For the rest of you, I have two treats today: eight award-winning books for less than $8 (details below) and a competition to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Entering the competition couldn’t be easier. Simply mention this post on Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog, and you will be entered in the draw.

Don't Be Fooled: Big Publishing Hates Competition

The reaction to the filing of the DoJ’s antitrust suit was laughable, if somewhat predictable. Among other things, the DoJ has been accused of working for Amazon – helping them to “destroy the publishing industry.” If you want to sample the mindset I’m referring to, simply visit the comments of any article on the matter in the trade press – such as this or this (although this vocal group are strangely absent from articles such as this one describing publishers’ (alleged!) attempts to cover up their actions by deleting emails). I’m not sure when “the publishing industry” become exclusively synonymous with the largest publishers. I’m not sure when their narrow interests became everyone’s interests, because what’s good for Penguin isn’t necessarily Read More…

We Interrupt This Blog: Tribute to LC Evans

As some of you may know, indie author LC Evans lost her battle with cancer earlier this month. Simon Royle is organizing a tribute today, which happens to be the anniversary of when he interviewed Linda on IndieView. Simon thought this would be good day to shine a spotlight on the work of LC Evans (author of We Interrupt This Date, one of Red Adept’s picks for 2010), and has got several of the big indie reviewers to review one of her titles today. In addition, he invited all the authors he interviewed on IndieView over the last year to participate in a giveaway to benefit Linda’s family (who now have control of her KDP account). The way it works is Read More…

Transfection Spreads Across The Planet! (Competition)

To celebrate the release of my latest short story – Transfection – I am giving away TWENTY-FIVE free copies of my new e-book. It has already hit the Science Fiction Short Story Bestseller charts in the UK and America, and with a little push, it could go even higher. Seeing as it’s an old-school science fiction story about a scientist who becomes dangerously obsessed with his research, the competition is going to be a little experiment. We’re going to see how far we can get Transfection to spread across the planet, using social media.

Blog Anniversary & Competition Winners

To celebrate the one month anniversary of this blog, I’m taking a day off today. I have a friend visiting from Ireland and I promised to take him to see some baby wolves. And maybe go to the pub. It’s been a great month, over 4,200 views, hitting over 200 a day regularly now (and sometimes lots more). I have posted over 30,000 words, but what has been really gratifying has been the amount of comments – almost 500 now – with great discussions going on every post.

Free Kindle E-book Competition Giveaway

You guys all like free stuff, right? Today I am giving away 25 free copies of my new e-book IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS. The rules are simple. All you have to do is tweet the following phrase, or put it as your Facebook status. I want a #free #kindle copy of IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS by David Gaughran so bad that it hurts Easy, isn’t it? You must include the link to the Amazon page for your entry to count (try and include hashtags if on Twitter).