Transfection Spreads Across The Planet! (Competition)

To celebrate the release of my latest short story – Transfection – I am giving away TWENTY-FIVE free copies of my new e-book. It has already hit the Science Fiction Short Story Bestseller charts in the UK and America, and with a little push, it could go even higher. Seeing as it’s an old-school science fiction story about a scientist who becomes dangerously obsessed with his research, the competition is going to be a little experiment. We’re going to see how far we can get Transfection to spread across the planet, using social media.

Why I Decided To Self-Publish

I’ve been scribbling something or other since I could first hold a pen, but I have been writing seriously for about five years. It all started with a trip to South America where I heard a story from the Independence Wars that hooked me. I started researching the background to it – just curious – and before I knew it, I was writing a historical novel. It was a monster and took me over three years to write, but it gave me an excuse to go back to South America for another nine months. When I was finally done, I started querying agents.

Free Kindle E-book Competition Giveaway

You guys all like free stuff, right? Today I am giving away 25 free copies of my new e-book IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS. The rules are simple. All you have to do is tweet the following phrase, or put it as your Facebook status. I want a #free #kindle copy of IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS by David Gaughran so bad that it hurts Easy, isn’t it? You must include the link to the Amazon page for your entry to count (try and include hashtags if on Twitter).

If You Go Into The Woods – On Sale Now

I have some exciting news. I set up my own publishing company – Arriba Arriba Books – to publish my short stories as e-books for $0.99 each. You can read them on your laptop, computer, iPhone, smartphone, iPad, or e-reader. The first release – IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS – is available now from Amazon. I have a special deal to kick things off – two stories for the price of one – both creepy tales set in a world that’s not quite right. Here’s a quick taste of what you get for $0.99:

E-Book Sales Explode In The UK – Up 300% in 2010, Children's Up 500%

Last time we talked about how e-book dominance is inevitable, and how the US is leading the charge. Pretty much everyone pegs the UK market as being around a year behind the US. However, latest figures show the gap may be closing. The Publishers Association (PA) has revealed staggering e-book growth in 2010. In figures just released this morning, UK e-book sales – across all categories – have grown to over £16m ($26m), growing by over 300% on 2009 levels. By end of December 2010, they had captured 6% of the market.

Stop Fighting It, E-book Dominance Is Inevitable

I have a confession to make. I’ve never really liked hardbacks. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like looking at them. I like touching them. I like holding them. I think they are beautiful objects. I just don’t like reading from them, they are cumbersome, heavy, uncomfortable to read when lying down, and difficult to lug from place to place. And they are expensive. The cloth cover, acid-free paper, and pristine dust-jacket all cost money. When the publisher factors in storage, delivery, and returns, as well as all those free copies for reviewers and promotions, there are a lot of costs they have to pass on to the reader.