The European Market: What's Slowing Growth & What's Driving It?

With the opening of Amazon Spain last month, the French Kindle Store last week, and strong rumors of more to follow, I thought it was a good time for an overview of the European e-book market. While most of the events and companies (and writers) driving change are American, and while the US is far ahead in terms of e-reader adoption rates and e-book sales, the book business is a global trade (which some estimate at $90bn per year), of which America is but one, albeit significant, market. As the situation is less developed than in the US, there is less hard data and quality analysis, so forgive me if this is a little spotty. If anyone has better sources, Read More…

Amazon Holds Back The Growth Of E-Books Around The World

Writers often wonder why the growth of e-books is so much slower in the rest of the world. There are a number of reasons for that, but one big factor is the $2 surcharge that Amazon levies on all e-books in most international countries. This charge is levied by Amazon, and kept by Amazon, and has nothing to do with taxes.