July AAP Figures Show Continuing E-book Explosion

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has released its figures for the month of July. Aside from a bump in hardcover numbers, the same trends we have seen all year are visible: print down and e-books surging. As always, the AAP figures come with a health warning. Only a very limited number of houses report, and you should hesitate before drawing hard-and-fast conclusions, especially with regard to the raw revenue numbers. However, it’s useful to look at the trends, which are confirmed by more comprehensive sources. The figures in the table below are in millions of dollars. 

Interview with T.D. Johnston, Founder of Short Story America Publishing Writing

I finally managed a cyber sit-down with the incredibly busy and productive T.D. (Tim) Johnston. Aside from being an educator, and an author, Tim is the founder and editor of Short Story America which was recently named by Writer’s Digest as one of the Top 50 Online Literary Magazines in the world. But, as you will see below, Short Story America is far more than a literary magazine. For starters, their first Anthology will be released this month, and they are publishing it under their own imprint. It’s a beautiful book – hardback with dust jacket – containing 56 of their best stories from the last year or so (including one of mine). You can get your hands on a Read More…