Amazon’s New Tablet – Kindle Fire – Takes Aim At Barnes & Noble, Not Apple

TechCrunch (again) had the scoop last night. Amazon’s much touted announcement tomorrow will be the launch of their new tablet, dubbed Kindle Fire. Aside from ad copy that writes itself (Kindle Fire Sale, anyone?), the details are surprisingly underwhelming. This is not a device to take an Apple’s all-conquering iPad, but a closer look indicates that Amazon may have a different target. The big disappointment, leaked earlier in the month, is that there is no e-ink, and instead will be a backlit LCD screen. The development of color e-ink is still ongoing. Indeed, according to, sources inside Amazon state that the Kindle development team (known internally as Lab 126) “opted not to take on the project, in favor of Read More…

E-reader War Heats Up. How Can You Profit?

The big players are already jockeying for position in advance of what promises to be a bumper holiday season for e-reader, tablet, and e-book sales. All the major manufacturers are expected to release new e-readers and tablets including Sony, Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. In addition, there are expected to be a range of devices from a selection of manufacturers tied to the Google platform. While users of one device aren’t necessarily chained to the retailer’s e-bookstore, customers will tend to do most of their shopping there because it’s just easier. The one major exception to that trend was Apple.

You Can Go Your Own Way: European Publishers Double Down On America's Mistakes

I had promised that this blog will have more of an international focus, and that hasn’t been the case to date.  My excuse is that most of the companies and events driving change have been American, and the US is far ahead of the world in terms of e-reader and e-book adoption rates. And it’s where the rest of the world is headed at greater or lesser speeds. At this point we have covered a lot of the basics, so it’s time to take a little trip around Europe to see what’s going on in some of the larger book markets.