Exploding Myths & Destroying Minds

Dean Wesley Smith is updating his infamous blog series Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing. I remember my first reaction when I stumbled across his blog: this guy is going to make enemies! He takes on every myth in the business from “you must rewrite something to make it good” to “an agent always acts in a writer’s best interests”. When I discovered his blog around Christmas 2009, I thought it was explosive stuff. I agreed with a lot of what he was saying, but I was completely invested in the agent myths and dismissed those sections. Needless to say, I’ve snapped out of that now. Some of the information is out of date (a lot has happened in the Read More…

Publishers Skinning Authors

I have to spend the day hauling giant loads of copper, chemicals, and silicone (don’t ask), so if you don’t mind, I will do a quick news round-up, and talk about some stuff appearing here and elsewhere in the coming days. Publishers & Agents Trying to Skin Their Authors The Passive Voice is my new favourite blog (thanks to Dean Wesley Smith). He provides excellent overviews of the disruptive changes occurring in publishing, and as a former lawyer, he is especially strong on how publishers are introducing worrying provisions in contracts, attempting to tie-up rights they haven’t paid for.

The Never-Ending Blog Tour?

After that monster marketing post yesterday, I have a bit of a writing emergency on my hands and can only post a short blog today with some news and links. Upcoming Releases I am a little behind on my writing targets. Transfection is nearing release. I might be able to upload after the weekend, and then launch it during the week when it goes live. You can look forward to a sneak preview of the cover, an excerpt, and another competition in due course.