What Do You Want?

Trying to get writers to agree on something is like herding cats. We are all passionate people. We have a tendency to flare up over minor disputes (especially online). And we can usually pen a tight argument for pretty much any position. But I also think a lot of disagreements spring from the fact that we are all very different people, with different dreams, goals, and ambitions. As such, what might be good advice for one writer could be bad advice for another. Especially if you are aiming for different targets. So, what do you want? It would be nice to sell a million books. It would be flattering to have every agent and publisher in New York clamoring for your signature. Read More…

Making Money From Writing, Part 2: Novels

Yesterday we surveyed the short story market, where you can find the right magazines for your stories, how you can sell the same story again as a reprint and to an anthology, why short story collections are such a hard-sell to publishing houses, and how and when you should self-publish them. Today we are going to talk about novels.  There are only two real ways to sell your novel, and the choices are, for the most part, mutually exclusive, so you have a big decision to make.  The first way is to a trade publishing house (both large presses and small, independent presses), and the second is to self-publish.