Swimming Lessons & Radium Girls

Before I get to today’s blog post, I want to send you somewhere else! I have spoken about Wicked & Tricksy before. Well, one of the devious minds behind that operation – Claudie A. – has her own excellent blog which deals with the intersection of science and fiction. Claudie invited me over to her place today to write a guest blog, and I would love if you all you guys went over and had a read, because I really enjoyed writing it. It’s called Science, Fiction & Truth, and I talk about some of my heroes and prejudices in science fiction, what goes into a “high concept” idea, and the Radium Girls. Please check it out, and a big Read More…

A Bad Week For Agents

Even God got a day off on Sunday, so here’s some stuff for you guys to chew on, while I try and get a story finished. A Bad Week For… Agents Agents made a lot of headlines this week. First we had top UK agent Ed Victor¬†announcing the launch of his publishing imprint. Fellow agent Peter Cox bravely called for him to be thrown out of the Association of Author’s Agents (quote in comments at end).