AAP Figures for June Show Dramatic Print Slump, Continuing Ebook Explosion

The American Association of Publishers (AAP) figures for June were finally released last week (about a month late), and the news is not good for fans of print books. Like the figures for May, all major print categories are down, while e-books continue to surge. But the headline figure this month is that trade paperback sales, which are usually reasonably robust, have just collapsed. The figures in the table below are in millions of dollars. You should note that this month there are just 78 houses reporting print data and only 15 reporting e-data, so the usual caveats apply (although the trends are clear and confirmed from other sources).

Adult Fiction Print Sales Collapse: Down 25.7%

A cursory look at the Kindle Top 100 will tell you that all the action is in Adult fiction. This is especially true for self-published work, where a non-fiction or children’s/YA hit is a rare beast. This was borne out in a recently released Bowker survey covering the last quarter of 2010. That showed e-books as having captured a share of the adult fiction market that was three times larger than the respective share of the children’s/YA market and more than twice as large as that of non-fiction. That in itself poses more questions than answers, but there is an obvious conclusion: this first big wave of new e-reader owners are fiction fans. There is, of course, another side to Read More…