Don't Be Fooled: Big Publishing Hates Competition

The reaction to the filing of the DoJ’s antitrust suit was laughable, if somewhat predictable. Among other things, the DoJ has been accused of working for Amazon – helping them to “destroy the publishing industry.” If you want to sample the mindset I’m referring to, simply visit the comments of any article on the matter in the trade press – such as this or this (although this vocal group are strangely absent from articles such as this one describing publishers’ (alleged!) attempts to cover up their actions by deleting emails). I’m not sure when “the publishing industry” become exclusively synonymous with the largest publishers. I’m not sure when their narrow interests became everyone’s interests, because what’s good for Penguin isn’t necessarily Read More…

Apple's Lawyers Get Busy

Apple became the world’s most valuable company for a brief period yesterday, overtaking Exxon whose value had dipped on the back of the depressed oil prices. Those two should continue to duke it out as Apple posts record results, and oil prices inevitably rise. However, Apple’s celebrations may have been short-lived as Amazon came up with a clever way to circumvent their rules on in-app purchases. Today, Amazon released the Kindle Cloud Reader. Essentially, this is a snazzy version of the Kindle reading app, but the key difference is that it’s browser-based. This means that iPad owners will be able to read books, and browse for new purchases, all in the same web-based program.

More Bad Behaviour From Agents, Publishers & VS Naipaul

It’s the hottest day of the year here in Stockholm, so I thought I would give you a quick weekend round-up before heading out to carbonize my skin work on my manuscript. There are some legal issues discussed below. I should point out that I am not a lawyer and anything below should not be considered legal advice. These are my opinions only. If you are affected by any of this issues, I strongly urge you to seek independent legal advice from an IP lawyer with experience in such matters.

The Never-Ending Blog Tour?

After that monster marketing post yesterday, I have a bit of a writing emergency on my hands and can only post a short blog today with some news and links. Upcoming Releases I am a little behind on my writing targets. Transfection is nearing release. I might be able to upload after the weekend, and then launch it during the week when it goes live. You can look forward to a sneak preview of the cover, an excerpt, and another competition in due course.

Top UK Agent Announces Publishing Imprint

There was some interesting news in The Bookseller yesterday. Ed Victor, one of the top UK agents, has announced he is setting up his own publishing division – Bedford Square Books. We have talked on this blog before about The Digital Revolution and what the future will hold for agents. I predicted a split in the agent community as some morph into publishers and others re-focus into being authors’ advocates. I also talked about how there was some tension already. Andrew Wylie made waves last year when he announced Odyssey Editions – his own imprint to publish his authors’ backlists (including Roth, Bellow, and Updike) – rights which had reverted from trade deals. Scott Waxman has set up his own publishing company Read More…

The Future Has Happened Already: E-books Overtake Paperback Sales in the U.S.

E-books are now the #1 selling format in the U.S.  And that’s not just in terms of volume, but in dollars too. The Association of American Publishers (AAP) yesterday released sales figures for the month of February, and I was blown away.  E-book sales (year on year) grew over 200%.  They now comprise 29.5% of the market.  And this is only e-book data from 16 of the biggest publishers reporting versus 84 publishers reporting print data, the real number could be higher. But the headline news was this: e-books are the top-selling format across all trade categories. More than paperback!