A Straight Writer of Gay Romance? Interview With Swedish Author Niklas Leavy

I first met Niklas Leavy just over a year ago.¬†At the time, I was still querying, and he was working on a book – hitting me for information on US agents and how to approach them. Niklas had some success on the traditional path, but that was in Sweden (and writing in Swedish). This time he was writing in English, and that publication credit wasn’t going to open too many doors in Manhattan. Fast forward one year, and Niklas has self-published his first book in English. As you will see from the interview below, his situation is quite unique. I spoke with Niklas over a few days in Google Docs, and I think you will find this very interesting. *** Read More…

Interview With Indie Romance & Erotica Writer Harris Channing

I like to mix things up now and then on this blog so that it’s not all publishing news all the time. Today, I am posting an interview with romance and erotica writer Harris Channing. Some of the topics we touch on are writing in different genres, secret identities, and the huge popularity of erotica e-books.