Bestselling Self-Published Novel Inexplicably Disappears From Amazon UK Causing Huge Lost Sales

A bestselling self-published novel – Sugar & Spice by writing duo Saffina Desforges – disappeared from Amazon UK 18 days ago, with no reason given to the authors. Repeated requests to KDP UK have failed to elicit an explanation, let alone a solution, costing the authors significant lost sales. But before I get to that, a lengthy – but necessary – disclaimer. When I praise Amazon, I get comments claiming that I’m some kind of acolyte, naively placing my trust in someone that will eventually crush me, without blinking, if they can make a dollar out of it. When I am critical of Amazon, I get accused of biting the hand that feeds, causing trouble for the sake of it, or of having Read More…

Guest Post By Mark Williams: Urban Writing Myths and the New Renaissance

Mark Williams has been all over the bestseller lists, but you may not recognize his name. That’s because he is one half of a writing duo called Saffina Desforges. Their debut novel Sugar & Spice was a smash hit in the UK, with the controversial crime thriller racking up 100,000 sales. They haven’t broken out yet in the US to the same extent, but the release of their second novel Snow White – the first in the Rose Red series – could change all that. Here’s what Mark had to say about urban writing myths, working in a partnership, and his ambitious plans for the future.

Two Indie Writers Somehow Escape The "Tsunami of Crap" To Sign Major Trade Deal

With the kind of timing that only athletes and comedians are blessed with, two more indie writers have managed to wriggle free from the “tsunami of crap“. Mark Edwards & Louise Voss, who I have spoken about before on this blog, have signed a six-figure, four book deal with HarperCollins UK. But it wasn’t just an eagle-eyed editor and agent that spotted their potential in the endless morass of horrid self-published work that is blotting out the sun and condemning all superior literature to wither on the vine, last month 42,000 readers (most of them British) somehow found their books too. It seems that some books are easier to find than others. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that it happens Read More…

Smart Promo Idea (And For A Good Cause Too): The Summer Book Club

Just a short post today. A group of top-selling indie writers have come up with a rather clever idea that I wanted to highlight (which also happens to help a worthy cause). The Summer Book Club contains titles from top indie authors J Carson Black, Saffina Desforges, Mark Edwards & Louise Voss, Sibel Hodge, Victorine Lieske, HP Mallory, Scott Nicholson, and Cheryl Shireman. You can read Mark Edwards’ blog post about the background the idea here. They have set up a Facebook Page to promote the book club, and tonight they will be holding a chat with Mark Edwards himself.