February Sales Report

It has been a couple of months since I did a sales report, so I thought it might be a good time to share what kind of value I’m getting out of my pimp suit. For anyone looking for numbers with lots of zeroes in them, or tales of battling with household names at the top of the charts, I have a warning for you: this is not that kind of report. About the only big numbers you’ll see are for free stuff, but I’m selling at a nice level, paying my rent and some bills, and have been for some months now. The checks are about to get a little nicer too because I finally sorted my tax status Read More…

December Report: Sales Steady, Revenue Up

December is when self-publishers get all misty eyed over all the newborn e-book buyers taking their first tentative steps into the market. Amazon sold well over a million Kindles a week during December, and the other manufacturers will have shifted plenty too. Most of these will have been to new entrants, who traditionally (i.e. since last year) go on a book buying binge to fill up their shiny new devices. It certainly seemed like the market doubled on Christmas Day. Since then, a burst of sales only gets you half as high in the rankings as it used to (although the Amazon Lending Library borrows counting as sales will be a factor too). My sales didn’t double, so I’m not speaking Read More…

October Sales Report: A Holding Pattern & A Milestone

After last month’s big drop, October provided some welcome relief in the shape of a slight uptick. Hey, at least it’s going the right direction. It was marginal, though. Essentially, I’m in a holding pattern until my next release in December. That’s fine with me; my sales are paying my rent, and some other exciting stuff happened this month anyway. And because today is exactly six-months since the release of my first e-book If You Go Into The Woods, I’m going to take a little look back on how this whole self-publishing adventure has gone for me. For those who don’t enjoy peeking in other people’s wallets, or talk of sales or money, I have some alternative reading for you, Read More…

That Was The Month That Was – June Sales Figures

I took a day off yesterday! I did… nothing! It was beautiful, but now it’s back to work. Today, I am going to reveal my slightly disappointing sales figures for June. I will pinpoint some of the factors in the decline. But, I will also explain why I am not too worried, and why I think things will pick up this month. Finally, I have some other numbers which are very pleasing.

Sales Figures For May – A Decent Start

I started this blog at the beginning of April at the same time that I made my decision to self-publish. I thought I would document the process of an unknown, unpublished writer as they attempted to get noticed out of the near-million items in the Kindle Store. People warned me that there was so much crap out there that I would sink to the bottom unnoticed. However, that just strengthened my belief that if you put out a professional product (well-edited, good cover, competitive price, catchy blurb, clever marketing), that you would stand out even more.