November Report: Rising Tides, Higher Prices & A Lucky Break (Or Two)

November is a curious month, filled with strange American inventions like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday (also known as National Buy-Yourself-A-Present Day). It’s also traditionally (as in since last year) when e-book sales pick up. At this early stage, new entrants to the market can have a significant effect. New e-reader owners tend to go on binge-buying sprees, which makes sense – they need something to read on their new toy. The real boom starts on December 25th and continues through February. However, a smaller boom starts at some point in November – after all the shiny new e-reader models have been unveiled – and millions of Americans crack under the temptation, forego waiting to see who loves them Read More…

July Sales Report: Big Jump In Sales, Huge Jump In Revenue

From the beginning, I promised to publish my sales figures every month. I had several reasons for this. Joe Konrath was the first I know of to share all his numbers. Several followed his lead, and that culture of openness he initiated was a key factor in my realization that self-publishing was now a viable path for any writer. I think most writers find these numbers helpful, but I know a minority find it a little distasteful. That’s fine. If you are if that persuasion, I have a guest post today over at the blog of Jonathan Dalar which you can read instead, called “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” about the tactics that some defenders of the status quo are using Read More…

That Was The Month That Was – June Sales Figures

I took a day off yesterday! I did… nothing! It was beautiful, but now it’s back to work. Today, I am going to reveal my slightly disappointing sales figures for June. I will pinpoint some of the factors in the decline. But, I will also explain why I am not too worried, and why I think things will pick up this month. Finally, I have some other numbers which are very pleasing.

You Never Know When Promo Seeds Will Blossom

I am in a wistful mood this morning. Perhaps it’s the soft summer rain. Maybe its the Joe Dassin tune on my record player. Most likely it’s last tentacles of the wine I drank last night still wrapped lovingly around my frontal lobe. Whatever the cause, I’m going to take advantage of this faux-nostalgia and peer back through the mists of time, all the way to April 2011. If you keep with me until the end, there may even be a moral to the story. At the start of April, the only people who had read my writing were a handful of friends and a group of overworked literary agents’ interns. The only person who had been subjected to my Read More…

Sales Figures For May – A Decent Start

I started this blog at the beginning of April at the same time that I made my decision to self-publish. I thought I would document the process of an unknown, unpublished writer as they attempted to get noticed out of the near-million items in the Kindle Store. People warned me that there was so much crap out there that I would sink to the bottom unnoticed. However, that just strengthened my belief that if you put out a professional product (well-edited, good cover, competitive price, catchy blurb, clever marketing), that you would stand out even more.

Transfection Spreads Across The Planet! (Competition)

To celebrate the release of my latest short story – Transfection – I am giving away TWENTY-FIVE free copies of my new e-book. It has already hit the Science Fiction Short Story Bestseller charts in the UK and America, and with a little push, it could go even higher. Seeing as it’s an old-school science fiction story about a scientist who becomes dangerously obsessed with his research, the competition is going to be a little experiment. We’re going to see how far we can get Transfection to spread across the planet, using social media.

Sample Sunday: TRANSFECTION – Old-school sci-fi by David Gaughran

This week’s Sample Sunday offering is from my latest e-book – Transfection – an old school sci-fi technothriller about a molecular biologist who makes a startling discovery which threatens his life. I have printed the first section of the story below. If you like this sample and want to buy the rest, it’s available from Amazon, Amazon UK, and Smashwords for $0.99/69p. It was only released yesterday, but it want straight into the Science Fiction Short Story Charts at #14. (The post announcing the release is here.) I hope you enjoy it.

Transfection Released Across The World

My second release – Transfection – is a technothriller with old-school sci-fi undertones. A molecular biologist is on the run, but he doesn’t know who wants him dead… or why. I only uploaded Transfection a couple of hours ago, but it’s already for sale on Amazon! For only $0.99! Here’s a quick taste of what you get for $0.99: Molecular biologist Dr. Carl Peters is under pressure on two fronts: his research grants are disappearing and his marriage is falling apart. But when medical researchers discover that genetically modified animal feed has tainted the food chain, he finally gets the funding he always dreamed of. Dr. Peters discovers the reason behind the cancer link with GM food, but it’s so crazy, he Read More…

Amazon: E-books Outselling All Print & Ad-Supported Kindle Is Top-Seller

On the same day that the American Association of Publishers (AAP) announced a rebound for print in March, and that e-books had dropped back to third place (behind trade paperback and hardback), Amazon declared that they were now selling more e-books than print books. Yesterday, I covered the limitations of the AAP figures, namely that they only include a small number of publishing houses, they ignore more e-focused small and independent presses, and they don’t include self-publishers.

A Bad Week For Agents

Even God got a day off on Sunday, so here’s some stuff for you guys to chew on, while I try and get a story finished. A Bad Week For… Agents Agents made a lot of headlines this week. First we had top UK agent Ed Victor announcing the launch of his publishing imprint. Fellow agent Peter Cox bravely called for him to be thrown out of the Association of Author’s Agents (quote in comments at end).

The Never-Ending Blog Tour?

After that monster marketing post yesterday, I have a bit of a writing emergency on my hands and can only post a short blog today with some news and links. Upcoming Releases I am a little behind on my writing targets. Transfection is nearing release. I might be able to upload after the weekend, and then launch it during the week when it goes live. You can look forward to a sneak preview of the cover, an excerpt, and another competition in due course.