E-Reader War Heats Up and Amazon Launch New Imprints

Now that Transfection has flown the net, we can get back to business. Tomorrow, I will continue my free guide to self-publishing with a section on pricing. Today, I want to look at some of the big news stories of the last week or so. The E-Reader War Hots Up On Monday, Canadian upstart Kobo launched a new touchscreen e-reader for the tasty price of $129.99. It only weighs 200 grams (take that, iPad!) and uses the same e-ink technology as the Kindle (easy on the eyes, can be read in sunlight). It can store up to 1,000 books (and can be expanded to 30,000 with memory cards).

Blog Anniversary & Competition Winners

To celebrate the one month anniversary of this blog, I’m taking a day off today. I have a friend visiting from Ireland and I promised to take him to see some baby wolves. And maybe go to the pub. It’s been a great month, over 4,200 views, hitting over 200 a day regularly now (and sometimes lots more). I have posted over 30,000 words, but what has been really gratifying has been the amount of comments – almost 500 now – with great discussions going on every post.