The Never-Ending Blog Tour?

After that monster marketing post yesterday, I have a bit of a writing emergency on my hands and can only post a short blog today with some news and links.

Upcoming Releases

I am a little behind on my writing targets. Transfection is nearing release. I might be able to upload after the weekend, and then launch it during the week when it goes live. You can look forward to a sneak preview of the cover, an excerpt, and another competition in due course.

However, the problem is with the next story, which I would like to come out around 2 weeks after Transfection. I have this killer idea, and I have gone through four different versions, but it’s not working. With each version I took the same premise but used a totally different set-up, characters, and location, but still couldn’t get it to work.

I have to abandon it, for now, and pull something else from my list of story ideas and see if I can get another one done in time. So please excuse me that today’s post is brief.

More Agents Want To Be Publishers

Hot on the heels of the news that Ed Victor – a leading UK agent – was launching his own publishing imprint, two more UK agencies (including one of the top dogs) have announced they have similar plans. If you read the article, you will see that the head of the Publishers’ Association hopes that Ed Victor will join his organisation. Draw your own conclusions.

Kristin Rusch has written an excellent article comparing these new moves to predatory practices in the music industry. Recommended.

The Never-Ending Blog Tour?

If You Go Into The Woods is still selling well (and above expectations). I will release full figures at the end of the month, but I will say that I am around 35% towards covering costs after just over a week. Everything after that is profit. You can read the first few pages here.

I have a few ideas to try and give it a little boost. First, I have some reviews lined up on some of the book blogs. Second, I have a couple of guest posts pencilled in for other blogs, and some of those bloggers will be taking the helm here.

Finally, I’m toying with an idea at the moment, The Never-Ending Blog Tour. If you have a blog, and you would like me to do a guest post, send an email to david dot gaughran at gmail dot com with all the details.

Now which story idea will I pick? The Town With No Animals, A Case of Mistaken Identity, The Abdul Book of Records, La Cancha, The Curious Origins of Pedro Villa, A Second Opinion, or, Be Careful What You Wish For.

Decisions, decisions.

David Gaughran

Born in Ireland, he now lives in a little fishing village in Portugal, although this hasn’t increased the time spent outside. He writes novels under another name, has helped thousands of authors build a readership with his books, blogs, workshops, and courses, and has created marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet. Friend to all dogs.

4 Replies to “The Never-Ending Blog Tour?”

  1. Glad to hear the story is performing above expectations.

    Sorry to hear the next WIP isn’t cooperating. At this point I might have mentioned I’m starting a series today on my blog about structure, with a lot of info I think would help people out when the pieces of a story just won’t click. (It’s usually especially helpful to writers who find a story is meandering, though that doesn’t sound like the problem you’re running into.) Only snag in this scenario is the fact that Blogger sucks so bad and is down yet again. Read-only right now, and most everything posted since some time Wednesday is mangled or missing. So…how you liking wordpress? LOL.

    1. WordPress is like buying a new laptop. Once you figure out what all the buttons do, your whole world speeds up.

      I’ll check out your series, sounds interesting, I have a whole novel full of structural foibles that will have to be tackled at some point this summer.


  2. Good luck with your writing. A month ago I had written about 70k words of my novel only to discover a major plot issue. Long story short I thought I’d be able to have the book released by the end of the year, but now I’m just hoping to be able to salvage the thing and have a first draft (well I guess second draft) ready to rework by then.

    So I completely feel for you.

    Thanks for the links above. Looks like interesting reading.

  3. WordPress is just awesome! I’m a complete novice and so far I’ve figured out all kinds of bits and bobs – including how to write basic HTML code do things I can’t do otherwise. The bible of all things WordPress, the Codex, is so comprehensive and so well written that I never worry about finding out how to do something new – I just go to the codex and hit search. Then, a month later when I’ve finished translating the jargon, I’m ready to go!

    Dave, I’ve finally gotten hold of “If You Go Into The Woods”! I tried to buy it a week ago just to show my support, but without a registered device it won’t even let you. Sadly my Mac is a bit too ancient to run the Kindle app (really, not everyone has Snow Leopard!) but I got around the problem when my mother just so happened to get a Kindle for her birthday. Ha! Now the family that swore it would never own an e-reader, has one. If this is replicated throughout the country (let alone the world) the market for ebooks will keep growing like crazy.

    I’ll post an (honest) review as soon as I can read it – but that will mean prying the Kindle from my mother, which may take until she has passed away…

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