Transfection Released Across The World

My second release – Transfection – is a technothriller with old-school sci-fi undertones. A molecular biologist is on the run, but he doesn’t know who wants him dead… or why.

I only uploaded Transfection a couple of hours ago, but it’s already for sale on Amazon! For only $0.99!

Here’s a quick taste of what you get for $0.99:

Molecular biologist Dr. Carl Peters is under pressure on two fronts: his research grants are disappearing and his marriage is falling apart. But when medical researchers discover that genetically modified animal feed has tainted the food chain, he finally gets the funding he always dreamed of.

Dr. Peters discovers the reason behind the cancer link with GM food, but it’s so crazy, he barely believes it himself.

Transfection is a 5,700 word, 23-page technothriller, starring a molecular biologist who makes a discovery that shocks the world, only to find his life under threat. His story takes in militant vegans, corruption, homelessness, university politics, radiation, the celebrity-obsessed media, and a shadowy conspiracy.

Transfection is a brand-new story, exclusively available as an e-book.

If you want to check out my stories, details are below. Please note that if you want to read e-books on your phone or your computer, you will need a free piece of software from Amazon which you can download here.

If you would like to purchase Transfection, here are the links:

Ireland, Canada, USA & Australia



For all other countries, Amazon is adding crazy charges, but you can avoid those and purchase for $0.99 at Smashwords.

If any of these links don’t work, just search for “David Gaughran” on any of these websites and my books should appear at the top of the list.

Please note that some prices may vary depending on your currency and the sales tax in your area.

My books should be available in the Sony Store, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and many more, very soon. I’m also working on turning all of these stories into apps.

Other News

But enough about me. What about you? Have you ever wanted to publish? This summer I will be releasing Let’s Get Digital, Digital which will teach you how to do it yourself. It will cover everything from formatting your book and marketing tips, to the digital revolution and how the publishing industry has changed forever.

Best of all, you will be able to download it – free – from this blog. I will also be selling it on Amazon for $2.99. It will be interesting to see if it sells while it is available for free. It’s an experiment of sorts, but I’m betting it will. It’s pretty much finished, but needs a lot of editing. I hope to be done in a month or two. Watch this space.

Once again, I am going up against all the big publishers in New York and London, with all their marketing muscle and advertising budgets. I continue to rely on word of mouth to sell any copies at all. If you would like to help get the word out to readers, please share this this news on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a suggested tweet:

@DavidGaughran has just released #Transfection an old-school #SciFi #Technothriller for $0.99 pls RT

Make with the cutting and pasting! Let’s hit the bestseller charts again!

I wrote a post earlier today on the news that Amazon is now selling more e-books than all print books. Read that here.

David Gaughran

Born in Ireland, he now lives in a little fishing village in Portugal, although this hasn’t increased the time he spends outside. He writes fiction under another name, has helped thousands of authors build a readership, and has created marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet. Friend to all dogs.

11 Replies to “Transfection Released Across The World”

  1. Wow, Dave the book looks great! I love the cover it has sort of a 60s-70s art vibe.


    1. Thank you!

      It’s all down to my sister. I wanted another, more conventional design, and she stuck her heels in. I’m so glad she did.

      Straight in at #41 in the Amazon Science-Fiction Short Story Charts!!!

  2. I’m on it! Wonder who’ll be the first review? That could be a competition, for your next launch, first person to provide an honest review proving they read the book, gets the next one free! Or something like that. I dunno.

  3. Congratulations, David! I have a few friends interested in that genre, so I’ll be sure to let them know (I don’t know if they own e-readers, though). Keep us posted!

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