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This Writing Life

This Writing Life header

My #1 Writing Tool: 500-Day Review: the reMarkable 2

The crazy routines of successful artists

Using stock photos to help visualize scenes and characters

How Many Names Does A Guy Need?

What The Pina Colada Song Teaches Us About Marketing

Embrace Boredom

One Thing At A Time

What’s In A Name?

Going Viral: A User’s Guide

Content Marketing For Authors

Content Marketing For Authors 2

Mad A

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Don’t Make These Killer Mistakes With Facebook Ads

5 Things To Do Before Advertising On Facebook

Organic Reach on Facebook – reports of its death are greatly exaggerated

Reaching The Right Readers – Facebook targeting revisited

Episode 1: The Campaign – How to tell Facebook’s bots what you want

Episode 2: The Ad Set – The secret to Facebook targeting

Episode 3: The Ad – How to make readers click

Episode 4: Targeting – Facebook is changing how we reach readers

Episode 5: Metrics – Getting Facebook to show you the real picture

Episode 6: Click Costs – What should you pay for a click?

Episode 7: Social Proof – Harvesting reader love to sell books

FACEBOOK (Older Series)

Part 1: How To Make A Pretty Facebook Page

Part 2: Content Marketing

Part 3: Boosting Posts For Likes

Part 4: Targeting Basics

Part 5: Can We Trust Facebook’s Data?

Part 6: Cloning & Mirroring To Boost Social Proof

Part 7: Building A Campaign I

Part 8: Building A Campaign II

Part 9: Building A Campaign III

Part 10: Fighting Ad Fatigue

Part 11: Watch Out For Engagement Bait!

Part 12: Carousel Ads

Dealing With A Facebook Ban

Facebook vs. The Media


Some Help With Amazon Ads

BOOKBUB (Complete)

Part 1: Comp Authors

Part 2: Get Out Of Jail Free

Part 3: Testing Times

Part 4: Picture Perfect

Part 5: How To Use Canva

Part 6: Optimization Overload

Part 7: CPC v CPM – There Can Be Only One

Part 8: What the FAQ?

Note: all the above BookBub episodes have been completely superceded by the much-more-in-depth book BookBub Ads Expert. This email on recent changes is up to date though:

BookBub Changes

Reader Targeting

Reader Targeting header

Buying decisions are made with emotion

Build a brand identity in 2 hours

How to brand yourself

Art is a container for feelings

Know Your Readers

How Reader Targeting Applies To Everything

Social Proof 101

Launch Menu

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How To Launch A Book 1: one month out

How To Launch A Book 2: the final countdown

How To Launch A Book 3: the main event

Starting Fresh 1: Meet Wanda Wordcount

Starting Fresh 2: Introducing Paula Penname

Starting Fresh 3: The Return of Norman Newbie

Spreading The Love (A Launch Breakdown)

Email Sorcery

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Writing is Easy

Please Don’t Email Your Readers Like This

Apple Takes Aim At Newsletters

Your Questions Answered on Apple’s Email Changes

Slaying Some Email Myths

The Subscriber Journey

Choose Your Own Adventure

Baiting The Reader Trap

You Are Probably Making This Mistake (Sorry)

How To Roll Out The Red Carpet

How Does It Feel To Be On Your List?

The Real Secret To Email Deliverability

Are You Doing This Wrong With Email?

(Older Emails On Email Are Below)

Want to grow your list?

All Aboard The Whitelist Express

Want More Readers To Get Your Emails?

Raising Your Email Game

All About Email 1: Why Email?

All About Email 2: Your Winning Toolkit

All About Email 3: Respect Your Reader!

All About Email 4: Content Writers = Content Readers

All About Email 5: Attracting Readers

All About Email 6: Websites & Landing Pages

All About Email 7: Welcoming Readers

All About Email 8: Conditional Automations

How To Sell Books

How To Sell Books header

The Book Marketing Tier List: S-Tier: Facebook Ads

S-Tier: BookBub Featured Deals

A-Tier: Amazon Ads, Freebooksy Series Promos, Almighty Algorithms

B-Tier: Deal Sites, Email Swaps, Booksweeps

C-Tier: BookBub Ads, Group Promos, Social Media

F-Tier: Blogging, Hollywood BS, Goodreads, Blog Tours, Book Fairs, Media, Netgalley, Book Readings

Why I hate word of mouth

How To Sell Books in 2022 – Part 1

How To Sell Books in 2022 – Part 2

How To Sell Books in 2022 – Part 3

How To Sell Books in 2022 – Part 4

Darn Books Won’t Sell Themselves 1

Darn Books Won’t Sell Themselves 2

Darn Books Won’t Sell Themselves 3

Darn Books Won’t Sell Themselves 4

Selling Fiction v Non-Fiction