Feel free to email me using the form below, but please note the following.

I receive a huge number of emails every day and responses can be slow.

I’m very sorry to say this but the sheer volume of email I receive means that I simply can’t reply to every message I receive. It would be a full time job for three people, let alone one… and I already have one of those.

Every single email here comes to me directly, and I do read all of them – I can promise you that. And I do try to answer as many as I can. But no matter how many hours I spend doing that – and I really do spend a hell of a lot of time doing that – I simply can’t keep up.

I do try to respond to customers with the highest priority, followed by mailing list subscribers and course students. But also keep in mind that authors tend to ask very complicated questions which can take a long time to address properly.

A simple, clear question is likely to get the quickest answer – that’s just the way it is. Feel free to contact me, just be aware of the above.

I read every email, as I said, and tend to tackle the most common questions in my blog posts, YouTube videos, and weekly newsletters – and if you try the search box above, you might find your question answered already.

There’s also a brief FAQ below for those seeking reviews or feedback on their author service, and so on.

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    Will you review my book?

    No, sorry. This isn’t a book review site. You can get free tips on how to get book reviews here.

    Will you write about my new author service?

    I get several emails a week from start-ups who want me to test out their cool new thing that will help authors. Some of them have real potential and I would love to help but I don’t have time.

    I’m happy to promote services I’ve used which are genuinely effective, but don’t usually try anything until I get a recommendation from authors I know.

    Note: I don’t take payment for promoting services I like, I don’t accept ads of any kind or product placement, don’t operate on a quid pro quo basis, and don’t use any affiliate links which are undisclosed. More on that here.

    Can I interview you?

    Maybe! Media, go here.

    Everyone else: I have limited time for interviews, and my own writing must always takes priority as that’s what pays the bills. Often it’s a refusal simply because I’m too busy. 

    But do feel free to contact me with your pitch using the above form. Just don’t take it personally if I refuse; it’s usually because I’m tearing my hair out over a book!

    Can I ask you some questions on self-publishing/marketing?

    Absolutely. But make sure to have a search around on this site first. There are hundreds of free posts here covering every aspect of publishing and marketing. I’ve also written several books if you want to cut to the chase. But feel free to ask anything else not covered above.