What's Up With Wattpad?

Kids these days, eh? Always wandering around with their noses in their iPhones, up to no good. Well, maybe not. Because lots of them are using an app called Wattpad which might just be the biggest revolution in reading you’ve never heard of. The Toronto-based Wattpad began in 2007, initially providing a mobile platform for 17,000 public domain works from Project Gutenberg. By June 2009, the Wattpad app had been downloaded 5 million times. Fast forward to today, and Wattpad is the world’s largest reading and writing community. I have had lots of teachers tell me that kids are getting into reading e-books on their smartphones in a big way, but I was short of hard numbers. Here are some from Read More…

Free As A Sales Tool – Interview with Indie Writer Lizzy Ford

I am always interested in fresh approaches and new ideas. The whole concept of “free as a sales tool” is fascinating to me. I’ve seen people use a number of different approaches, but what is most common is to make a short story free, or sometimes the first book in a series free, in the hope that you will lure readers in. Lizzy Ford has a very different approach, and she kindly agreed to answer my questions. After reading this interview, I’m sure you will have some yourself, and Lizzy has agreed to drop by later, so please leave them in the comments.