Numbers For August: Sales & Revenue Rise Again

Regular readers will know that I post my monthly numbers in terms of sales and dollars. Today, I have August’s numbers for you.┬áIf you have an aversion to sales talk or wallet peeking, look away now. I have just returned from vacation, and before I get stuck into the numbers, I would like to thank all my guest posters who kept things ticking over in my absence with some fine articles. So, to the numbers. In short, as you can see, August was my best month to date.

July Sales Report: Big Jump In Sales, Huge Jump In Revenue

From the beginning, I promised to publish my sales figures every month. I had several reasons for this. Joe Konrath was the first I know of to share all his numbers. Several followed his lead, and that culture of openness he initiated was a key factor in my realization that self-publishing was now a viable path for any writer. I think most writers find these numbers helpful, but I know a minority find it a little distasteful. That’s fine. If you are if that persuasion, I have a guest post today over at the blog of Jonathan Dalar which you can read instead, called “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” about the tactics that some defenders of the status quo are using Read More…