E-Book Sales Explode In The UK – Up 300% in 2010, Children's Up 500%

Last time we talked about how e-book dominance is inevitable, and how the US is leading the charge. Pretty much everyone pegs the UK market as being around a year behind the US. However, latest figures show the gap may be closing. The Publishers Association (PA) has revealed staggering e-book growth in 2010. In figures just released this morning, UK e-book sales – across all categories – have grown to over £16m ($26m), growing by over 300% on 2009 levels. By end of December 2010, they had captured 6% of the market.

You Can Go Your Own Way: European Publishers Double Down On America's Mistakes

I had promised that this blog will have more of an international focus, and that hasn’t been the case to date.  My excuse is that most of the companies and events driving change have been American, and the US is far ahead of the world in terms of e-reader and e-book adoption rates. And it’s where the rest of the world is headed at greater or lesser speeds. At this point we have covered a lot of the basics, so it’s time to take a little trip around Europe to see what’s going on in some of the larger book markets.