CD Reiss: Nobody Was Going To Get Me To Quit

Before December, 2013, I made a living as a sweater technician. I know how sweaters are made, how to fix them, and how to make flat panels fit around a three dimensional person. I made decent money, didn”t hate my job that much, and did my very best to be the best technical designer I could be.

But every morning I got up at 5am, sat in a coffee shop and wrote until I had to go to work (this routine changed over the course of 20 years, but that was what I did between 2004 when my son was born and 2013 when I quit). I wrote screenplays and books. Most will never be published or produced because they suck or they”re irrelevant now. I couldn”t get an agent. I couldn”t get a meeting. I couldn”t get a publisher to send a rejection in an SASE. I couldn”t get anyone to read even a few chapters.

But still, I plowed on. I tried to quit, but I’m stubborn like that. Read More…