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  1. I contracted with GoCreate.Me after you talked about it in your second newsletter about marketing in 2019. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us all know about this wonderful designer and website option. I worked with the author/website designer the last week in January, and I can’t praise her more. As I told her when my site was completed, on a scale of 1 to 10 on how happy I am with the result and the whole experience, I give her and the experience an 18+. Absolutely splendid. And best of all, I feel totally confident that I can do anything I need to do in the future with MY website. She leaves the author with so many helpful tools and resources, and I can do anything in my own time and way. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for recommending my Parallax for Writers theme, David. If writers are interested but wonder whether they could do X or Y with my premium theme, please contact me via email at caro@creativecs.ca. We can book a time to video chat so I can learn more about your existing setup (and possibly look at the backend of your existing WordPress site), and I’ll tell you whether or not my theme would be suitable for your needs.

  3. David (or Caro):
    I just watched the introduction “Parallax” video and Caro’s intro video for “GoCreate.me.” Pardon my denseness (or density), but it seems both are doing a similar thing, which is guiding an author to set up a website. So, am I to choose between them or do I have to get both, or do I simply not understand what’s being offered? Perhaps it’s as simple as “Parallax” being the Premium option which costs $199 for life (either C.C.’s or mine), while Caro’s is more rudimentary and either cheaper or free. Both sound interesting, so I’d like to get this explained before I sign up.

    1. Hi Steve, Sorry for any confusion. The GoCreate.Me site includes free themes, free tutorials to help authors with certain website-related tasks, AND premium themes. The “free themes” don’t do everything authors need (but they include a few additional tidbits like cookie bars and landing page templates). Only one PREMIUM theme is currently available (more will be offered in the coming months). The Parallax for Writers theme costs $199 (one-time cost, no renewal fees, hence lifetime). It’s definitely NOT basic. It includes most (if not all?) of the features you would need on an author website, including easy-to-populate book pages, landing pages, promotional pages, etc. I work with authors to customize the appearance (color/font/etc.) during the installation. Feel free to email me at caro@creativecs.ca and we can schedule a chat (or go back and forth via email).

  4. Will second everything Ritter said above. I also bought the Parallax for Writers theme on David’s recommendation last month. Caro was great to work with. She implemented the theme while keeping the aesthetic of my old site intact and she provided custom video instructions after the install and suggested ways to improve my site’s performance (getting rid of unnecessary plug-ins, how to organize the menus, etc). Can’t recommend Caro and Parallax enough.

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