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BookBub Ads Expert is here! You can download it right now from all retailers for just $4.99. A bargain at twice the price, says you.

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Everything I know about BookBub Ads is in this book – I’m not trying to sell you a course or a webinar or anything like that; it’s all here. In fact, I’m doing the opposite, and giving you lots of extra stuff too. More on that in a moment, as well as news of a huge sale on my other writer books – and you’ll especially want to pick up Superfans at this price, as it’s the perfect companion and has never been discounted before.

First, some real talk. Many people try BookBub Ads and fail. There is a learning curve – no doubt about that. If you tried the platform without adequately preparing, and without knowing how the system works, you probably got cleaned out. I still have scars from my first time. Emotional and physical!

But it doesn’t have to be like that. With BookBub Ads Expert, you will:

  • Create attractive ad images to turn browsers into buyers.
  • Optimize your targeting to attracting the right readers.
  • Manage your bids effectively to drive more sales for less money.
  • Learn when to run your BookBub campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Boost discovery of your books and improve visibility.
  • Train the retailers to recommend your books to the right customers.
  • Turbocharge series sales to dominate the charts with multiple books simultaneously.

BookBub Ads Expert will show you a whole range of uses for Bookbub Ads, from supporting a launch or reviving backlist, to boosting a permafree, creating an international audience, or pushing an entire series at once. And there’s also lots of ninja tricks and killer moves to take your ad game to the next level.

But that’s not all, he says, with a flourish. There’s extras too:

Bonus Resources

All purchasers of BookBub Ads Expert get a link to a private part of this website which is filled with bonus resources – all free. You’ll get:

  • a gallery of winning BookBub Ad images in all genres;
  • a step-by-step guide to ad creation with lots of important tips;
  • detailed optimization advice, with lots of screenshots, so you know what to tweak, and what to aim for; and,
  • lots more resources that you will find useful: graphics tools, 3D cover generators, ROI calculators, and all sorts of posts and case studies on BookBub Ads best practices.

It’s a really useful add-on, it’s all free with the book, and I’ll keep adding stuff too. Just today, for example, I added lots of information on Also Boughts, as many people are worried that Amazon is fiddling with them again, along with some alternative ways to unearth those comp authors if your Also Boughts are gone. Plus there’s a space for you to ask questions and get help.

This is the most comprehensive resource available for BookBub Ads, one which will help you master what has become my favorite advertising platform. And it’s available for just $4.99. Pick up your copy today!

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Posted by David Gaughran on Friday, March 1, 2019

It would be greatly appreciated! And for those who have already started the book, I’d love to hear what you think.

David Gaughran

David Gaughran

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