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The new edition of Let’s Get Digital is here and it costs nothing – anyone can download this free self-publishing guide from the retailer of their choice, whether they purchased previous editions or not; it’s freely available to everyone.

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This fourth edition of Digital has been completely revamped to reflect the needs of self-publishers in 2020. The structure has been completely streamlined to reflect the ten steps involved in publishing your work like a pro.

Reflecting the specific challenges that writers face today, the advice on each step goes much deeper than before. Instead of just showing you how and where to find a cover designer, for example, Let’s Get Digital will show you how to brief your designer effectively, and learn what effective commercial packaging is for your niche, so that you end up with a cover which isn’t just pretty, but also very effective at appealing to your specific target audience.

And the same goes for writing, editing, formatting, pricing, metadata — all the areas where an author must make crucial decisions which affect the viability of their book.

Of course, the largest section of the book, by far, covers the entire topic of marketing from the ground up, showing authors not just how to find their first readers in the most cost effective way possible, but also how to construct a real author platform, one that will capture interest from readers and use those seeds to grow a community of fans around your work, who will send each new release higher in the charts.

And that’s not all!

Let’s Get Digital comes packaged with a remarkable collection of bonus resources, even if I do say so myself, which are housed on a private part of this here website (accessible via the book). That collection of resources is truly comprehensive, containing:

  • a vetted list of editors, proofers, designers, and formatters
  • my favorite books on the craft of writing, self-editing, and plotting
  • a step-by-step guide for those who wish to format their own ebooks
  • curated book promo site recommendations for discounts, freebies, and listbuilders
  • practical, hands-on advice for building a professional website, email list, and Facebook page
  • How Tos like a guide to adding up to 10 categories to your books
  • practical advice on reviews, paperbacks, ISBNs, and copyright
  • a place to get your questions answered on self-publishing
  • something pretty special to help you with marketing

This resource page is a massive value-add, and it’s all free, along with the book itself. And as the last point there hints, there’s also a pretty huge surprise inside the book—something to help authors get established with marketing in a very hands-on way—and I can’t wait to see the reaction.

But you’ll only find out what it is when you download the latest edition of Let’s Get Digital.

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