Digging Deeper Into Author Earnings Publishing Resources

The Author Earnings team are attempting to do something which hasn"t been done before, and their work can"t be refined and improved unless there is some intelligent criticism of their approach and findings. Today I"ve invited Phoenix Sullivan to blog on the topic. I"ve known Phoenix for a few years now, and if there"s a smarter person in publishing, I haven"t heard of them. KBoards regulars will already know that Phoenix understands the inner workings of the Kindle Store better than anyone outside Amazon. And I can personally vouch for her expertise: she was the biggest influence on (and help with) Let"s Get Visible and also the marketing brains behind a box set I was in, which did very well Read More…

The Kindle Store: The New Slush Pile?

  We have spoken on this blog several times about what the future holds for agents in a world where publishers are disintermediated by the dominance of e-books and the marginalisation of bookstores. Some agents are responding to the fall in advances and the collapse of print by seeking alternative revenue streams: editing services, creative writing classes, and, worst of all, becoming publishers. However, it’s now becoming very clear that some agents have decided that the time spent dealing with the fire-hose of submissions would be better spent scouring the Amazon rankings for indie writers.