Decoding Amazon To Sell More Books

It’s here – Amazon Decoded: A Marketing Guide to the Kindle Store breaks down how the Kindle Store really works so that you you can sell more books.

There’s more detail below on exactly what the book covers – plus news of some very cool bonus resources that come with this book and an epic live stream coming soon. But first! Those purchase links:

Amazon | Apple | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Google | Paperback

In case you read the old, free edition and want to know what has changed, let me make that easy for you: everything. This brand new edition is a full-length book (over 75,000 words) breaking down how the Kindle Store, and how you can seduce Amazon’s giant recommendation engine.

Most importantly, it goes deep on how to profit from that knowledge, showing you exactly how to tweak your metadata and marketing plans to sell more books.

In fact, Amazon Decoded goes one step further than that and hands you a series of strategies and tactics you can use right away – launch plans and backlist promotions to suit your needs if you are wide or exclusive to Amazon, or whether you are looking to maximize income, expand your audience, promote your work on a limited budget, or spend a little more and send a whole series into orbit.

Amazon Decoded also comes with a stellar set of bonus resources, housed on a private part of this here website, which will help you put all this information into practice and raise your marketing game.

Want to sell more books on the world’s biggest retailer? Amazon Decoded will show you how.

Amazon | Apple | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Google | Paperback

Decoding Amazon – Sell More Books – LIVE

Come and join my stream next Friday where I’ll be breaking down how Amazon works LIVE on YouTube and Facebook.

I’ll be simulcasting to both platforms, which is a thing I do in 2020 apparently – while answering all your questions and sharing screens and maybe even drinking beer. What could possibly go wrong? I recommend clicking one of the links below to get a reminder just before I go live – and so you can watch a replay afterwards too.

Pencil it into your diaries: August 14, at 1pm EST/6pm GMT. It will run for an hour.

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David Gaughran

David Gaughran

Born in Ireland, he now lives in a little fishing village in Portugal, although this hasn’t increased the time spent outside. He writes novels under another name, has helped thousands of authors build a readership with his books, blogs, workshops, and courses, and has created marketing campaigns for some of the biggest self-publishers on the planet. Friend to all dogs.