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Cassandra Dee and Mosaic Book Stuffing Amazon Bewares

The Amazon charts continue to be plagued by book stuffing, ten days into the new regime. Aside from one rather notable head on a pike — Chance Carter appears to have had his account shut down, but quite possibly for other actions — book stuffers are continuing largely as normal, only making minor tweaks to their presentation, simply appending the words “Collection” or “Compilation” to their titles and covers. And not even bothering to do that on all their (still) stuffed books.

The stuffers are clearly thumbing their noses at Amazon. They seem pretty damn confident that minor tweaks will fly, and that the whole new regulatory regime is, well, a sham. What will happen with someone like Cassandra Dee will be a good bellwether.

Cassandra Dee is the #1 author in Contemporary Romance, and she is a major book stuffer. Because of KDP’s catch-and-release approach to these guys, they are able to constantly make minor tweaks to how they stuff. I can only presume that KDP sends them communications about problematic breaches of the Content Guidelines, the stuffers make a minor tweak, and are allowed to continue… until the next time they get a KDP letter. Read More…

The Blog Subscription Blues Resources

The 2,000 or so non-Wordpress users who are subscribed to this blog by email seem to be having no issues (please tell me if that’s not the case!). The 42,000 or so WordPress users who follow this blog are another matter and your subscription could be futzed up. I know some of you are getting two notifications, and some aren’t getting any at all. I think I have it figured out, and you might need to fiddle with your WordPress subscription settings.

Because WordPress does a few funny things with WordPress users. If you try and subscribe by email, it will kind of “convert” that into a WordPress Follow instead. Depending on your settings, this might mean you get an email as soon as I publish a post (the setting I recommend!), some kind of weekly digest where all 59 or whatever blogs you are subscribed to get lumped into one email where you never really see anything (I do not recommend this!), or just a notification in WordPress Reader – which most people never use, despite the best efforts of WordPress (I definitely don’t recommend that either!). Read More…