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Strangers to Superfans puts you in the shoes of your Ideal Reader, allowing you to view your marketing from her perspective. You will:

*Learn the 5 stages in The Readers’ Journey.
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*Build a legion of passionate, engaged readers who do the selling for you.

The Readers’ Journey is the new marketing paradigm you need to transform strangers into superfans.


“It was the kind of morning that made him wonder if God hated the Irish…”

Dublin has been on a knife-edge since the failed rebellion in July, and Jimmy O’Flaherty suspects a newcomer to The Liberties–Kitty Doyle–is mixed up in it. She accuses him of spying for the English, and he thinks she’s a reckless troublemaker.

All Jimmy wants is to earn enough coin to buy passage to America. But when the English turn his trading patch into a gallows, Jimmy finds himself drawn into the very conflict he’s spent his whole life avoiding.


‘Leon Winfield Christmas had a habit of tapping his leg right before he did something impulsive. “Lock the door!” his mother would shout. “Lee’s legs are trying to catch up with his mind again!”’

MERCENARY is the story of the USA’s most famous soldier of fortune: the hard-drinking drifter who changed the fate of a nation.

Praise for Mercenary: “Highly recommended to readers of adventure fiction, as well as anyone interested in American adventurism and meddling in Latin America.” — Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Michael Wallace.


“Catalina Flores de la Peña’s tongue got her in more trouble than any other part of her body, even though there were far more likely candidates.”

Catalina Flores de la Peña’s tongue got her in more trouble than any other part of her body, even though there were far more likely candidates. But when a storm rolls into her sleepy port town, she finds herself embroiled with a gang of adventurers, mercenaries, and prostitutes on a journey to free South America from the Spanish Empire.

A Storm Hits Valparaíso is an epic historical adventure starring two brothers torn apart by love; a slave running for his life; a disgraced British sailor seeking redemption; and José de San Martín, an Argentine general who deserts the Spanish Army to lead a bloody revolt against his former masters.


“Jiři Beranek was the kind of boy who was always in trouble; in fact, the people of Časlav expected him to be in trouble. That’s what happens to a boy without a father, the old men would say, watching Jiři annoy a dog with a stick, or kick a broken bottle down the street, or climb a neighbor’s tree to steal some cherries.”

IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS is a small collection of two unsettling short stories. For fans of the Twilight Zone.

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TRANSFECTION is an old school short about a molecular biologist whose startling discovery puts his life in danger.

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