How To Build An Author Platform Marketing Publishing

What is an author platform? Which elements should it contain? And is any of this stuff more important than just writing another book? Perhaps not. But certain aspects of an author platform are important tools for reaching readers and, especially, for holding on to them.

The topic can be confusing as everyone seems to be mean something different by the term. And then this problem is compounded by a lot of terrible advice proliferating, quite frankly. Number-chasing nonsense which doesn’t serve anyone.

Even the term “platform” seems to be quite nebulous and elastic — fertile ground for snake-oil salesmen. Let’s nail that down first: Read More…

Sunday Roundup: Blog Anniversary, New Releases, and a Link Party

My blog is four months old today! I just passed 50,000 views the other day (the only metric I get), so that’s quite a milestone. 25,000 of those views were in July, so it’s going really well. I often get emails asking me how I drove so much traffic to the blog in such a short space of time, so I have placed an excerpt from the blogging chapter of Let’s Get Digital along the top navigation bar, where you can also find further excerpts, as well as additional information, on pricing, formatting, covers, and all sorts of other stuff. All those sections will continue to grow. In the four months since I started, I have posted around 200,000 words to Read More…

Indie Publishing For International Writers, Step 6: Market Your Story Part 2, Social Media

This is the sixth post in my continuing series INDIE PUBLISHING FOR INTERNATIONAL WRITERS, a step-by-step guide to getting your stories into (digital) print. I’ll be doing each step with you, learning as you do, because I’ve never done this before either. Step 6: Market Your Story Part 2, Social Media Last time we covered the importance of having a website or blog, and talked about the difference between a static page and an interactive page, and why the latter is better. Today we are going to talk about signposts, social media, how to connect the dots in your little online world, and how not to behave.